No more space in our seedbox :(

We reach the limit of our seedbox that is only 1 tb storage, we dont know exactly what to do, if we start deleting our old torrents or wait more, but we need your help donating or seeding, thanks.

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  1. Mini Ninja says:

    can we use amazon storage ? its quite cheap and you can mount it on a seedbox system. I am planning to get a seed box and then I will be setting it up only for ps4 games

  2. reymon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    try to removo those whit the more seeds .
    I will help seed all games I download from here. THank you very much
    thanks for the hard work
    torrent is ther best sharing method

  3. gorglybear ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Maybe can look at the games that already stable with many seeders and remove them? Usually popular games will be okay to remove from seedbox. Then if it goes back to 0 they can request for seed again.

    1. auctor says:

      Yes thanks, that will be do that, we are watching the torrents with many seeders and populars, those we will delete, if we watch that there is no more seeders we upload it again.

    1. Goncalo Dourado says:

      Yes, that might be a good idea.
      There is a limited number of games that are compatible with firmware 4.05 and below.
      So rotating them might be the best option now until the seedbox can be expanded.
      Like remove the oldest 2 games and add 2 new games every couple of days or so.

  4. Goncalo Dourado says:

    I guess you can delete the older ones that a lot os us already downloaded and we will share it, so you can host new games.
    I guess it might be best…
    Cheers and thank you for your work!

    1. auctor says:

      We are thinking that, thanks, we will wait a little more, because this site its very new, only 1 week, more time to spread the seed torrents, then start to deleting.

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