Now is ok update to firmware 4.55

Now is ok update to firmware 4.55 to play new games, all previous 4.05 games work too in 4.55, so now its time to update to 4.55.

How do it?

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  1. SOHAIL KHAN ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have ps4 pro
    Ur tricks can work on ps4 pro ?
    And if I’m done ur tricks and block to Internet for playing games then if I want to use Internet again can I use ?
    Please guide me properly please
    Can u tell me in details
    That’s my what’s app number
    From india

    1. auctor says:

      Yes you must install the ps4 firmware v4.55 “that version, not other”, then use the exploit and thats all. The exploit is in the tools in the menu of webpage

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