Resident Evil® Revelations 2 for the PlayStation®Vita system gives you full access to all story episodes and a ton of DLC content all at an incredible value.

Content Included:
• Episode 1-4
• Extra Episode 1-2
• Claire’s Rodeo Costume
• Barry’s Commandant Costume
• Moira’s Urban Ninja Costume
• Natalia’s Lottie Suite Costume
• Raid Mode Characters – HUNK, Albert Wesker
• Raid Mode: Throwback Map Pack
• Lottie Raid Mode costume for Cipher
• Rachel Raid Mode costume for Gina
• Lady HUNK Raid Mode costume for Gina
• Mutant Pedro Raid Mode costume for Pedro
• Raid Mode: Weapon Storage A-C
• Raid Mode: Parts Storage A-C
• Raid Mode: Album Storage A-C

Some functions and features may not be available on PlayStation TV.

1 player(s)
Ad Hoc Mode 2 Players
Network Players – 2
Network Features
35KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad
Dual Analog Sticks
Motion Sensor


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