Baboon!® is an entertaining game that explores a mix of genres, from platform to puzzles, dexterity and physics with a healthy dose of adventure in a blend made of pure fun! Test your skill helping Tumbili reach the top and collect all the bananas with an easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.

The dread Pirate Baboon is wrecking havoc in Banana Island! Help the brave little monkey Tumbili travel through an exotic island filled with Pirate Monkeys, Flying Penguins and all shorts of wacky characters on a sprawling adventure. Can you unlock every secret?

· More than 60 challenging game levels! Made highly replayable with the 3 medal system.
· Seven different worlds to explore!
· A bonus unlockable extra challenging world with fun new game modes!
· 8 different bombs with game-changing unique effects!
· Shop at Monkey Mart and trade dozens of objects with other characters you’ll meet to help you in your quest!
· An outstanding original soundtrack. Really! The music is awesome.

1 player
600MB minimum save size
HD Video Output 720p,1080p


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